Empowers waterborne PSA’s to break through industry barriers with a
high performance-low dosage additive

Regulatory pressures are increasing worldwide on acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) manufacturers to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which are predominantly driven by low-cost solvent-based polymers.

Waterborne acrylic PSAs offer an environmentally friendly solution, however their failure to match the performance of solvent-based adhesives is hindering the market’s buy-into the greener alternative.

DextraCel® is a biodegradable and multi-functional material which bridges the gap between performance and sustainability by increasing the cohesive strength (shear) of water based PSAs, while preserving the adhesive properties (tack and peel), a balancing act which has proven extremely difficult for the industry (including solvent PSAs).

With as little as 1% concentration, DextraCel® improves shear strength tenfold (10x). This technology resolves the sustainability challenge while delivering durability benefits to an array of light and heavy-duty PSA adhesives including tape, labels, masking, and specialty packaging applications.

DextraCel® available in aqueous suspension (HS) or powder form (HP).