ChromaPur® (CV2 & CV7)

The ChromaPur® line of cellulose powders (CV2 & CV7), delivers exceptional optical and sensorial benefits to cosmetic skin care and sun care applications, including soft focus effect, enhanced color intensity and SPF boosting.

With a unique highly faceted surface (like a diamond) ChromaPur® preserves the natural properties of cellulose while achieving comparable if not better results as other traditional synthetic ingredients on the market including modified regenerated cellulose counterparts.

ChromaPur® is distributed by

Products that are safe for the environment are an absolute priority for the cosmetics and personal care industry, even more now since the European Commission announced the Restriction deadline to phase out microplastics in 2023.

ChromaPur® is a powerful, biodegradable alternative to microplastic which achieves exceptional results in a clean, sustainable way.

The excellence of your product formulation does not need to be compromised for the sake of nature.

ChromaPur® uses nature to make your product even better.

ChromaPur® is produced with FSC®-certified wood pulp through a patented technology and is available in various sizes from 2 to 10 micrometers.

  • Particle size: 2 µm
  • Rated the smallest particle size on the cellulose market
  • Provides consumer perceivable soft-focus effect
  • Blurs pores, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Boosts sun protection factor (SPF)
  • Particle size: 7 µm
  • Enhances pay-off and color intensity
  • Adds blurring benefits in sticks
  •  Enhances pick up and deposit in pressed powders
  •  Boosts sun protection factor (SPF)
  • Increases volume (mascara)
  • Can substitute PMMA, Nylon 12, Silica

The ChromaPur® powder line is distributed worldwide by CRODA. Visit their website to find technical data sheets, sample formulations or request a sample of ChromaPur® CV2 and CV7.


Readily biodegradable

COSMOS approved

100% natural (ISO 16128)

FSC® License Code -C186262

IECIC Listed