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Anomera showcases at the Tokyo Paints & Coatings Expo

Benoit Garant, CFO and Dr. Amir Khabibullin, Director of Business Development & Innovation, presented Anomera's products at the 2022 Tokyo Paints & Coatings annual exhibition in December, the largest trade show of its segment in Japan. The showcase was made possible thanks to GSI Creos, a Japanese special chemicals distributor who is looking to expand its offering of sustainable products.

“This was a great opportunity to engage with chemical manufacturers and to meet the GSI Creos’ leadership team. GSI Creos and Anomera are having initial discussions to set a distribution channel in Asia. Samples of our products are currently being distributed by GSI Creos to Japanese and Korean customers who are exploring the benefits of Anomera’s advanced cellulose materials” says Benoit Garant, CFO.

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